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In the general election of June 1826, 29 people voted. There were 3 candidates, with George Charles Pratt & John Thynne elected.

Poll book data from:
Holding: Bath RO
Citation: BC/2/1/1/14
Source: Bath Record Office Council Minute Books

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  • Date: Friday 9 June 1826.
  • Poll Book Reference: Bath RO, BC/2/1/1/14.
  • In 1826, three candidates progressed to the poll: the Tories Lord John Thynne and George Charles Pratt, Earl of Brecknock (and son of Bath's former MP and recorder, Lord Camden), defeated the Whig Charles Palmer.
  • A crowd of citizens, who believed that Palmer had been undermined by a conspiracy, attended the Guildhall, and drowned out the proceedings. The victorious Tories were chaired through streets 'crowded with the people to a degree of almost impenetrable density, in mournful silence'.

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