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A handbill through which William Davis, Minehead voter and prominent opponent of the dominant Luttrell family, condemns John Fownes Luttrell's acts of 'revenge' against his political opponents since his re-election for Minehead in 1802. Raising the memory of the Minehead election of 1796, when an anti-Luttrell candidate was elected, Davis seeks to rally the opposition to Luttrell, encouraging his 'Fellow Electors' not to be 'dismayed' by political intimidation ('If you are turn'd out of your houses').

Somerset Heritage Centre; SHC DD/L/1/60/16/6 (a)

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Candidate: John Fownes Luttrell I
Constituency: Minehead
date: 17 August 1803
date: 1802
date: 1803
Election: July-1802
keyword: Handbill
keyword: Printed Text
maker: J. Poole (Printer)
maker: William Davis
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Bridgwater
place: Minehead