Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

Salt-glazed stoneware mug, inscribed 'Wenman and Dashwood / Old Interest for Ever / No Double Return'. The mug comments on the highly controversial Oxfordshire election of 1754, supporting the Tory (or 'Old Interest') candidates, who had initially topped the poll before the scrutiny demanded by the Whigs and the High Sheriff's decision to return all four candidates. Rival petitions were sent to parliament, and the Whig (or 'New Interest') candidates were ultimately returned, in April 1755.

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove; Willett Collection

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Candidate: Philip Wenman
Candidate: James Dashwood
Constituency: Oxfordshire
date: c1754
Election: Apr-1754
keyword: Ceramics
keyword: Mug
maker: Made in Staffordshire
materials: Stoneware
place: Oxford
place: Oxfordshire
place: Staffordshire