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Gloucestershire Archives

Printed address to the 'Inhabitants, Householders, Resciant in ... Pontefract', in which William Sotheron makes a 'public Declaration' of his 'fixed Intention, to offer myself as one of Your Representatives in Parliament on the next Vacancy', 'whenever such an Event shall happen'. Sotheron also aligns himself with current Pontefract MP, John Smyth, recently elected on petition, and with the decision of the Commons committee that considered the petition to place the right of election in inhabitant householders.

Gloucestershire Archives; Reference Number: D1571/F728

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Candidate: John Smyth
Candidate: William Sotheron
Constituency: Pontefract
date: 1784
date: 6 May 1783
Election: Apr-1784
keyword: Candidate Address
keyword: Printed Text
maker: William Sotheron
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Darrington
place: Pontefract