Candidate Portrait and Printed Addresses

British Library

A portrait of the former Pontefract MP, John Smyth, 'engraved August 20, 1807', 'At the Request of a numerous and respectable Part of the Electors of Pontefract', combined with texts by Smyth and his supporters, together presenting a pro-Smyth perspective on Smyth's defeat at the Pontefract election in May 1807. The publication condemns the way that 'the Electors, at the General Election in 1807, ungenerously ... suffered him to lose his election with the small minority of eight votes', and looks forward to a different outcome at 'a future Election'.

British Library General Reference Collection 1881.c.3.(92.)

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Candidate: John Smyth
Constituency: Pontefract
date: 13 May 1807
date: 18 May 1807
date: 1807
date: 20 August 1807
Election: May-1807
keyword: Print
keyword: Portrait
keyword: Printed Text
keyword: Candidate Address
maker: Henry Edridge
maker: John Smyth
maker: P. Da Ponte
maker: Anthony Cardon
maker: J. Fox
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: London
place: Oxford Street
place: Poland Street
place: Pontefract
place: Heath