Northampton Museums and Art Gallery

Creamware teapot, inscribed 'Spencer Howe / And Liberty', associated with the highly expensive Northampton election of 1768. The teapot supports the election of Thomas Howe, who was ultimately returned on petition in February 1769. Northampton had a relatively wide franchise. By joining Howe's name with -- and indeed placing it second to -- that of his powerful backer Lord Spencer, the teapot also reflects the role of 'aristocratic influence' in contemporary Northampton elections.

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery; Spencer Howe / And Liberty Creamware Teapot

Photographs reproduced with the kind permission of Northampton Museums and Art Gallery

Candidate: Thomas Howe
Constituency: Northampton
date: c1768
Election: Apr-1768
keyword: Ceramics
keyword: Teapot
maker: [Unknown]
materials: Creamware
place: Northampton