Candidate Address and State of the Poll

Northamptonshire Archives

A printed intervention in the poll for the Northampton election of 1820. Sir George Robinson's address, dated 8 March 1820, thanks Northampton electors for 'your strenuous and successful Exertions on my behalf this Day'; emphasizes his current lead in the poll (also underscored by the accompanying 'State of the Poll this Day'); and calls for 'your continued Activity and Zeal', and the 'Attendance of his Friends at the Poll, To-morrow Morning, at Nine o'Clock'.

Northamptonshire Archives; G(K)/338

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Candidate: George Robinson
Candidate: William Leader Maberly
Candidate: Spencer Joshua Alwyne Compton
Constituency: Northampton
date: 1820
date: 8 March 1820
Election: Mar-1820
keyword: Candidate Address
keyword: Printed Text
keyword: State of the Poll
maker: Cordeux (Printer)
maker: Sir George Robinson, Bt.
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Northampton