Device for Handbill

The British Museum

Thomas Bewick device for a handbill produced for the Pontefract by-election of December 1812, in which Ellis Leckonby Hodgson unsuccessfully stood against Viscount Pollington. The rabbit refers to the fact that Hodgson favoured rabbits to eat being distributed as a bribe to the Pontefract voters (Nigel Tattersfield, 2011).

The British Museum; Museum Number: 1882,0311.3224

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Candidate: John Savile
Candidate: Ellis Leckonby Hodgson
Constituency: Pontefract
date: 1812
date: 28 November 1812
Election: Dec-1812
keyword: Device for Handbill
keyword: Print
maker: Thomas Bewick
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Pontefract