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Print offering a satirical take on Viscount Deerhurst's recently defeated challenge to the previous members for Worcester at the election in 1812. As well as commenting on Deerhurst's election expenses and the 'death' of the Coventry family interest, the print includes, in the distance on the right, a sketch of the chairing of the re-elected members, Abraham Robarts and William Gordon, at Worcester.

The British Museum; Museum Number: 1868,0808.8031

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Candidate: William Gordon
Candidate: Abraham Robarts
Candidate: George William Coventry
Constituency: Worcester
date: 1 November 1812
date: 1812
Election: Oct-1812
keyword: Print
keyword: Satirical Print
maker: Charles Williams
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Croome Court, Worcestershire
place: Worcester