Song (Audio File)

Nancy Kerr (Voice, Violin, Mandolin); engineered and mixed by Tom A Wright, Powered Flight Music, Sheffield (2022)

New recording of a song performed at a campaign dinner for Thomas Wentworth Beaumont, candidate in the Northumberland election of 1826, held at the Queen's Head Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 28 April 1826. The song adapts the Irish writer Thomas Moore's 'The Tyrolese Song of Liberty', inspired by the Tyrolean uprising of 1809, to the Beaumont campaign.

Tune-"Merrily O", in The Poll-Book of the Contested Election for the County of Northumberland, from June 20th to July 6th, 1826. Including A Complete Collection of the Addresses and Speeches of the Candidates, &c. and the Authentic Papers Published by the Different Parties from the Commencement of their Canvass to the Termination of the Contest (Alnwick: W. Davison, 1827), p. 93

Copyright Nancy Kerr (2022)

Candidate: Thomas Wentworth Beaumont
Constituency: Northumberland
date: 1826
date: 28 April 1826
Election: July-1826
keyword: Song (Audio File)
maker: Nancy Kerr (Voice, Violin, Mandolin)
materials: Mandolin
materials: Violin
materials: Voice
place: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
place: Northumberland
place: Queen's Head Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne