Election Token

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

An 'Election Token' celebrating the election of the ministerial candidate, Vice-Admiral Sir Alan Gardner, as an MP for Westminster in 1796, and attacking his fellow Westminster MP, Charles James Fox. The obverse of the token features the figure of Admiral Gardner in front of a cannon, standing on a French flag, inscribed 'ADMIRAL GARDNER' 'WORTHY THE FLEET OR THE SENATE'. The reverse of the token satirizes Fox, who was re-elected for Westminster at the top of the poll, and his election campaign. It features a fox saying 'NO MAJESTY BUT THAT OF THE PEOPLE', being supported on three blocks by a prop labelled 'SEDITION', with the comment: 'SOME OF THE FOXES TRICKS ON A WESTMINSTER POLE' '1796'.

National Maritime Museum; MEC1959

Images © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

Candidate: Charles James Fox
Candidate: Alan Gardner
Constituency: Westminster
date: 1796
Election: June-1796
keyword: Metalwork
keyword: Token
maker: [Unknown]
materials: Bronze
place: Westminster