Song (Audio File)

Matt Quinn (Voice); engineered and mixed by Tom A Wright, Powered Flight Music, Sheffield (2022)

New recording of a stridently High Church Tory ballad celebrating the victory of the Tory candidates, Sir William Blackett, 2nd Bt. and William Wrightson, in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne election of 1710. Set to the popular 'Chevy Chase' (of which there were different versions), the ballad offers a highly partisan account of the events of the election.

The Whigs Defeated. Being an Excellent New Song upon the New-Castle Election. To the Tune of, Chevy-Chase ([Newcastle-upon-Tyne]: [John White], [1710])

Copyright Matt Quinn (2022)

Candidate: William Wrightson
Candidate: William Blackett II
Constituency: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
date: 1710
Election: Nov-1710
keyword: Song (Audio File)
maker: Matt Quinn (Voice)
materials: Voice
place: Newcastle-upon-Tyne