Printed Notice

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A printed notice, thought to have been displayed in polling booths for the Oxfordshire election of 1754, warning would-be voters of the penalties for 'forswearing themselves at Elections'. In particular, the notice warns Copyholders or Customary Tenants against falsely swearing themselves to be Freeholders, and therefore eligible to vote in the election: if they did so, they would be 'guilty of Perjury', and would 'certainly be obliged to pay the Sum of Twenty Pounds, or have their Ears nail'd to the Pillory'.

Oxfordshire History Centre; QSX 1/21

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Candidate: Philip Wenman
Candidate: James Dashwood
Candidate: Thomas Parker
Candidate: Edward Turner
Constituency: Oxfordshire
date: 1754
Election: Apr-1754
keyword: Polling Booth Notice
keyword: Printed Notice
keyword: Printed Text
maker: [Unknown]
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Oxford
place: Oxfordshire