Candidate Address and State of the Poll

Bedfordshire Archives

A printed intervention in the poll for the Bedford election of 1830. Polling for the election took place over eight days. This address and state of the poll emphasizes candidate Frederick Polhill's favourable position in the poll at the end of the first day. Polhill thanks Bedford electors, anticipates victory, and calls for further votes on the following day. Polhill was ultimately elected, by a margin of just one vote.

Bedfordshire Archives; BorBG10/1/33

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Candidate: William Henry Whitbread
Candidate: Frederick Polhill
Candidate: John Russell
Constituency: Bedford
date: 1830
date: 2 August 1830
Election: Aug-1830
keyword: Candidate Address
keyword: Printed Text
keyword: State of the Poll
maker: C. B. Merry (printer)
maker: Frederic Polhill (author)
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Bedford