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Derbyshire Record Office

A copy of a printed circular seeking support in the Cambridge University election of 1820, addressed to Sir Henry FitzHerbert of Tissington Hall, Derbyshire. In the circular, dated 24 February 1820, Lord Palmerston 'solicit[s] the favour of your Vote and Interest at the approaching Election'; in the event, Palmerston was returned unopposed in March 1820. Copies of the circular, printed in London, were presumably sent to a large number of eligible voters; it is signed by hand, 'Palmerston'.

Derbyshire Record Office, D239/M/F/10866

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Candidate: Henry John Temple
Constituency: Cambridge University
date: 1820
date: 24 February 1820
Election: Mar-1820
keyword: Printed Circular
keyword: Printed Text
maker: Henry John Temple, Visct. Palmerston [I]
maker: John Fowler Dove (Printer)
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Cambridge
place: London
place: St. John's Square
place: Stanhope Street