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A detailed 'Sketch' of the 'Temporary Poll House' constructed in Minehead for the contested election of May 1796, which saw the electorally dominant Luttrell family of Dunster lose a seat to an 'anti-Luttrell' candidate, John Langston. The plan is preserved in the papers of the Luttrell family.

Somerset Heritage Centre; SHC DD/L/1/59/13/11 (a)

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Candidate: Thomas Fownes Luttrell
Candidate: John Fownes Luttrell I
Candidate: Charles Morice Pole
Candidate: John Langston
Constituency: Minehead
date: 1796
date: May 1796
Election: -
keyword: Manuscript
keyword: Maps and Plans
maker: [Unknown]
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Minehead