Candidate Speech in Newspaper

Leeds Central Library

Speech delivered by Edmund Burke on the hustings at Bristol, in which he publicly announced to those assembled that he was withdrawing from the 1780 contest for Bristol, being 'satisfie[d]' that 'your choice will not ultimately fall upon me', as printed in The Leeds Intelligencer, 26 September 1780. Illustrating the wide circulation of electoral 'news' through the contemporary newspaper press, Burke's rhetoric here appears alongside a satirical response by 'Derisor', and numerous other items of news, notices, and advertisements.

'The Speech of Mr. Burke on the Hustings at Bristol, on Saturday, when he declined' in The Leeds Intelligencer, 26 September 1780, Leeds Central Library; SROF 072 LEE

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Candidate: Edmund Burke
Constituency: Bristol
date: 1780
date: 26 September 1780
date: 9 September 1780
Election: Sept-1780
keyword: Candidate Speech
keyword: Newspaper
keyword: Printed text
maker: Edmund Burke
maker: Griffith Wright and Son (Printers)
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Bristol
place: Leeds