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Pamphlet in the form of a printed letter to the Mayor of Northampton, whose conduct during the 1796 general election contest for Northampton is fiercely condemned, by 'A Friend to Magistracy', dated 31 May 1796. The pamphlet accuses the mayor of flagrant 'partiality' on behalf of candidate William Walcot, including 'the severity with which you scrutinized their right to poll who came up with the colours of B[ouverie] upon their hats'; attacks 'the influence of the corporation'; and declares that 'now, Sir, your conduct is execrated, your office degraded, and your character lost'. The pamphlet is written from the perspective of a supporter of elected candidate, Edward Bouverie, at a time when it seemed likely that the Walcot campaign would challenge the result. On the title page is written: 'Rd Marriots'; Richard Marriott, clothier, gave votes for Bouverie and Spencer Perceval in the election.

Northamptonshire Archives; M(N)/06/1/340

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Candidate: Edward Bouverie
Candidate: Spencer Perceval
Candidate: William Walcot
Constituency: Northampton
date: 1796
date: 31 May 1796
Election: May-1796
keyword: Pamphlet
keyword: Printed Text
maker: [Unknown]
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: London
place: Northampton