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A print in support of Lord Sheffield's successful campaign for Bristol in 1790. Providing a full-length portrait of Sheffield, the print also refers to the city's deep involvement in slavery, and Sheffield's own public opposition to abolitionism. The print forms part of the extensive collection of electoral artefacts assembled by Sarah Sophia Banks (1744-1818), who left this revealing comment on it: 'At the Bristol Election this Print of Lord Sheffield was worn (& also a Cockade) in the Hats of the Freemen: & tolerably like, considering the Performer never saw his Lordship except walking the Streets during the Election'.

The British Museum; Museum Number: D,3.255-256

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Candidate: John Baker Holroyd
Constituency: Bristol
date: 1790
Election: June-1790
keyword: Portrait
keyword: Print
maker: Thomas Deeble
materials: Ink
materials: Paper
place: Bristol