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In the by-election of Dec 1768, 2803 people voted. There were 2 candidates, with John Glynn elected.

Poll book data from:
Holding: London Metropolitan Archives
Citation: MR/PP/1768/001
Source: London Electoral History 1700–1850.

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Transcription completed by the London Electoral History 1700-1850 project, undertaken by Penelope J. Corfield, Edmund M. Green, and Charles Harvey.

Date of the closure of the poll: 14 December 1768

Poll book reference: London Metropolitan Archives, MR/PP/1768/001.

By-election triggered by the death of George Cooke.

Candidates: John Glynn (Radical) and Sir William Beauchamp Proctor (Whig).

John Glynn was a radical lawyer who provided counsel for the North Briton and John Wilkes. He was described by Lord Chatham as 'A most ingenious, solid, pleasing man and the very spirit of the constitution itself'.

Sir William Beauchamp Proctor was a returning candidate, having been elected for the county since 1747. He had recently lost the March 1768 general election.

The by-election returned Glynn as Knight of the Shire alongside John Wilkes.

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